An extraordinary project, dengue fever in Montpellier, the Heart Rescue… the essential news in the region

An extraordinary project, dengue fever in Montpellier, the Heart Rescue... the essential news in the region

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Le Dragon 48 est de retour

#LOZERE – This Monday July 8, with the start of the summer season, the Civil Security helicopter, the Dragon 48, found the Mende-Badaroux aerodrome, in Lozère. Until the end of August, emergency services are ready to intervene in the department which sees its population triple in the summer, with more than 200,000 tourists. The Dragon 48 helps reduce intervention time, particularly in dangerous environments. "In 20 to 25 minutes, we can cover the whole of Lozère. In addition, it allows a victim to be quickly transported to a hospital", explains Captain Olivier Barbut.

Today’s figure: 71

#LUNEL –This is the number of parking spaces dedicated to carpooling at the roundabout at exit number 27 of the A9 motorway. Costing 452,000 euros, this carpooling is the 55th in the carpooling network in France, resulting from the motorway plan signed between the State and Vinci Autoroutes. Objective: to facilitate carpooling because between Lunel and Montpellier, 87.2% of motorists are alone in their cars during the morning rush hour, according to the study of the carpooling barometer.< /p>

A 53 million euro tunnel boring machine against flooding

#NÎMES –As part of Papi III (flood risk prevention plan), a tunnel boring machine is used to develop the Cadereau d’Uzès in an urban area in Nîmes at a cost of just over 53 million euros ;euros. The measurements of this "beautiful baby", as some have described it, of "110 m long, which weighs 380 tonnes, requires an electrical power of 900 kw and digs, progresses every 24 hours by 14.5 meters", specified Marc Petit, director of major projects for Razel Bec. A colossal project to combat flooding, the largest in France, which will enable to bring 34,000 residents to safety. It saves surface assets and sometimes even lives", explained the elected minister Julien Plantier.

The Rescue Tour will travel through the region

#PREVENTION – Save as many lives as possible through prevention. This is the objective of the Secours tour, an operation carried out by the University Hospitals of Toulouse, Montpellier and Bordeaux to raise awareness of cardiovascular risk factors. All summer, 150 medical students take turns to meet the population during 40 stages in Occitanie and New Aquitaine. The Secours tour will stop in Rodez, Wednesday July 10 at 10 a.m., and will be stationed at the Saint-Étienne crossroads.
During various workshops, they screen and provide information on high blood pressure, diet, diabetes, excess weight, tobacco and physical activity. Those who wish can also learn first aid procedures, in particular the practice of cardiac massage."Last year, we reached 1,400 people in twenty stages, particularly in medical deserts. We are doubling the steps and the objective, looking forward to the third year!", says Quentin Estrade, medical intern and initiator of the project.

A case of indigenous dengue fever

#MONTPELLIER – The Occitanie Regional Health Agency has just announced that a Hérault resident has contracted dengue , a tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes, without having recently traveled abroad. This indigenous case was reported by a patient, in the Port-Marianne district of Montpellier. This is the first case of dengue fever recorded in mainland France this season. In 2023, 22 cases were recorded in the region. The state of health of the patient "does not inspire concern". An investigation is underway to try to determine the location of contraction of the virus. In mainland France, dengue fever is transmitted by the tiger mosquito.

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