An identification which leaves on its hunger

Une identification qui laisse sur sa faim

It is easy to identify the food that is produced here thanks to the certification Aliments du Québec, there is no system that is as clear and spread to the furniture. Result: three-quarters of Quebecers say they have trouble to find and identify local products in the store.

“Identification is very important, especially with the shopping that it is today. It is necessary to go there almost caricatured: the fleur-de-lys, large blue signs,” said Cyntia Darisse, vice-president at Light.

In a survey carried out by the firm during the pandemic, 76 % of respondents indicated that it was difficult for them to locate local products in stores.

Fabien Durif, director of the Observatory for responsible use of School of Management Sciences of the Université du Québec à Montréal, believes that properly identify the origin of the product may help sales.

“Retailers can help a lot to the consumer. They are going to do poster campaigns, they will explain the origins… It’s a lot it’s going to transform the consumer”, he explained.

There are several platforms of seo, like The Blue Basket, Signed Locally, or Space Gift Ideas, but they do not always give the precise location where the object was manufactured. For example, a retailer quebec can be referenced on a platform even if it sells products manufactured in China.

“Furniture Quebec”

It is to remedy this lack, the Association of furniture manufacturers of Quebec has launched in 2017 his signature “Furniture Quebec”. For a piece of furniture qualifies, there is only one criterion: it is necessary that its manufacturing plant is located in the Beautiful Province.

The certification, however, is not official and is focusing on the good will of those who provide.

“We offer small placards to put with the products, but there was no police around to see that the signs are on the right products. It is a little complicated,” explained the president-director general of the Association, Gilles Pelletier.

It is noticed that viewing requests have increased during the pandemic, and that retailers are more aware of the issue. He would like to eventually formalize its certification process, which would, however, necessitate investment.

Manufacturer or retailer?

Such certification would dispel a blur that persists when you’re shopping. Furniture manufactured in Quebec can be found in large international stores, while smaller retailers quebec can provide some of the furniture made abroad.

“It is a matter of perception. For a Quebecer, when he will buy his Migneron Cheese at Walmart, it is a local purchase,” said Ms. Darisse.

According to figures from the Association of furniture manufacturers of Quebec, this activity generates 25,000 jobs in the province, and annual revenues of $4 billion.

“Buy a piece of furniture quebec it is good for the economy, it hurts to pay taxes, it is good for the environment, supported Mr. Pelletier. You have a piece of furniture of quality and you have the service that goes with it.”

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