An important step forward in the war on coronavirus

Un important pas en avant dans la guerre au coronavirus

The establishment of a first campaign of vaccination against the COVID-19 in the chinese military, just six months after the discovery of this new virus, represents an achievement of extraordinary scientific and is a major step in the fight against this disease.

This vaccine uses a different respiratory virus, an adenovirus attenuated, as a vehicle for bringing in human cells the genetic material coding for the region of the spike of coronaviruses, a field of molecular essential to its virulence.

Cells infected with adenovirus will then produce the protein of the spicule, and the presence of the viral antigen will lead to the activation of the immune system in the vaccinated person.


The results of the first clinical trials published in the journal The Lancet showed that a dose of this vaccine was safe and induced actually a rapid immune response, characterized by production of neutralizing antibodies and T lymphocytes specific to the virus in the 28 days following vaccination.

There is therefore reason to be optimistic that the vaccine will allow for the establishment of an immunological memory in the longer term, essential to protect populations that have not yet been exposed to the virus.


The only downside associated with this type of vaccine is that it is generally less effective in people who have been infected by an adenovirus in the course of their lives : in this case, the immune response is mainly directed against the adenovirus in the vaccine, while the antigens of the sars coronavirus may go undetected by the immune system, without providing the desired protection.

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