An increase in the cases of COVID-19 would predict

Une augmentation des cas de COVID-19 serait à prévoir

With the release in the respect of safety instructions, and the re-opening of places of gatherings, the number of cases of coronavirus will experience an increase in the next few weeks, warn experts.

The number of new cases fell below the mark of 100, but the authorities have identified 79 new cases in Quebec on Sunday. There were 109 on Saturday. But these figures could grow in the next few days.

Une augmentation des cas de COVID-19 serait à prévoir

Amir Khadir

According to Amir Khadir, a microbiologist and infectiologist, ” there is no reason that [the number of cases] down. The bars have re-opened on the 25th of June, ten days ago, and this is the time that it takes to have new cases. It must serve as a warning to the authorities to act more quickly and do not stay passive “.

Like him, Robert Platt, professor, Department of epidemiology, biostatistics and occupational health, and Department of pediatrics, McGill University, reminds us that the virus has not disappeared.

“We must remain cautious, as we have seen elsewhere, it is possible to have new outbreaks when we don’t maintain the detachment physics,” he argues.

On Sunday, the department of public health (DRSP) of the Montérégie region has launched an appeal for clients who have attended the Mile Public House in Quartier DIX30, in Brossard, on the 30th of June last, by reason of the event of COVID-19 confirmed. Several customers have been positive to the COVID-19, noted DRSP on its publication.

Same thing on the side of the Laurentians, where a new outbreak of cases started in the hospital in Saint-Jérôme. In total, 68 patients from different units and thirty employees have been infected since the beginning of June.

Lack of distance

With the summer and the episodes scorching of the end of the week, there was a crowd at the lake Maskinongé in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, in Lanaudière, or even on the city beach in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge in the Laurentians.

In these two examples, the mask was absent, and social distancing, which was completely evacuated.

Wearing a mask

For the Dr. Khadir, this situation is attributable mainly to the fuzzy messages that the government sends Legault.

“If today we focused less on the mask, if the people do not take their distances, this is because of the confused message of the government on the importance of these things. The authorities remain passive so that it is a crucial moment “, says the one who is one of the thirty of quebec physicians who have requested the prime minister Legault to make the port cover face mandatory.

According to him, Quebec would have to look at the “living laboratory” that is the United States. Because in States that have not made the mask mandatory, he says, the cases have increased to 84 %.

However, “it is necessary to follow the numbers for a few days to see if there is an upward trend worrying,” notes Robert Platt.

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