An Indian wears a gold mask to protect yourself from coronavirus

Un Indien porte un masque en or pour se protéger du coronavirus

Pune | Indian told of having paid out about $ 4000 for a gold mask, made to measure, supposed to protect it from the epidemic of coronavirus that struck the country.

Eight days were required to enable artisans to create this mask 60 grams coated precious metal, explained Shankar Kurhade, a businessman from the city of Pune, in western India.

“It’s a mask end that has small pores that help me breathe”, he explained to the AFP.

“I’m not sure that it is effective to protect me from the coronavirus, so I take other precautions”, he however said.

To exit, this man, 49-year-old love to adorn themselves with gold jewellery weighing a kilo, including a bracelet, a necklace and rings that he wears on every finger of his right hand.

Mr. Kurhade, who owns a company that manufactures sheds, said he had the idea for this gold mask after seeing a story on a man who wore a silver.

“People ask me for selfies”, he recounted, “they are impressed when they see me wearing the gold mask on the market”.

India has made mandatory the wearing of masks in public places to combat the spread of the new coronavirus in the country which, up to now, there are 650 000 infections and more than 18,600 deaths.

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