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An internal war breaks out among the Blues! A player's wife swings the files in the middle of the World Cup and it hurts!

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“This environment is very hypocritical”: The French team threatened at the 2022 World Cup? An internal war breaks out in an unlikely way While the French team is first in its group at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after its victories against Australia and Denmark, the atmosphere is far from cheerful. In question ? Marrion Areola, wife of player Alphonse Areola, took advantage of her Instagram account to clash Marine Lloris, wife of captain Hugo Lloris. Unexpected tensions which, we imagine, must have made Didier Deschamps tremble.

If there is an even more important cliché in the mind of Didier Deschamps than “The important thing is the three points“, it is obviously “ The group is doing well“. Understood: to hope to go far in a competition, you have to succeed in creating a good osmosis between the players so that the atmosphere is always good in order to face the many challenges.

Unfortunately for the coach of the French team, where this desire to allow his players to be happy together seemed to have been facilitated by the surprise withdrawal of Karim Benzema who would have released some Blues, thus allowing them to win the two first matches at the 2022 World Cup, it has just experienced an unexpected earthquake.

“This environment is very hypocritical”< /h2>

At fault? To everyone's surprise, and while the sky was FINALLY clear above the EDF after a worrying series of bad luck, Marrion Areola – the companion of Alphonse Areola , the third goalkeeper of the France group, took advantage of his Instagram account this weekend to stir up trouble. Strangely questioned by a subscriber about her relationship with Marine Lloris, the wife of Hugo Lloris – the titular goalkeeper of the Blues, Marrion Areola did not hesitate to tackle her even dirtier than all the French defenders put together.

Do I get along well? Not at all. For the simple and good reason that he is the kind of person who will come to talk to you only out of interest, she wrote in particular, before denouncing his behavior. When I first arrived, she never calculated me (nor the other times for that matter), not even a single hello when she was the oldest“.

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Then, determined to empty her bag publicly, she did not hesitate either to reveal a very specific anecdote to break the image of Marine Lloris: “She had a disrespectful behavior when Al's mom asked to take a picture with her husband and Alphonse (she was jaded)“. She then assured him, “This environment is very hypocritical. The further away I am from all this, the better off I am“.

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Marrion Areola attacks Marine LLoris, the French team threatened?

Marrion Areola apologizes for his post

Unexpected confidences which, not surprisingly, did not go unnoticed. What to fear an internal war between the two goalkeepers of the French team, ready to do anything to defend their companions? Should we expect to see an enormous tension and a gigantic malaise settling over the group? A priori, we can breathe, it's unlikely.

We don't really know what happened behind the scenes, but Marrion Areola quickly made a small update on his Instagram account . “Concerning the story with Marine Lloris, we had a long conversation and now everything is back to normal. Lots of misunderstandings between her and me“, she said. subsequently revealed, before making his mea culpa, “Indeed, in hindsight the timing was not appropriate, I am at fault and I apologize“.

< p> We can breathe, the 2022 World Cup is not (yet) threatened. Phew.

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