An it specialist from Ukraine stole from Microsoft for $ 10 million

25-year-old Ukrainian Vladimir Kvashhuk hunted fraud Microsoft

Evgeniy Opanasenko

19 Jul, 13:35

Айтишник из Украины обворовал Microsoft на 10 миллионов долларов

The attacker managed to buy a Tesla car and a house for 1.6 million dollars

Former software engineer from Microsoft Ukraine, was arrested on charges of fraud in especially large sizes. The guy set up a scheme for the sale of gift cards on a massive scale, causing damage to the company for $ 10 million.

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25-the summer citizen of Ukraine Volodymyr kvashuk living in Renton, Washington, originally worked at Microsoft as a tester (Quality Assurance Engineer) with an annual salary of 116 thousand dollars. Vladimir was on the team Universal Store Team, which provides support for system testing and online sales. He was hired in August 2016, where he remained in this position until, until he was fired in June 2018.

Testers were allowed to create trial accounts mstest, using a dedicated work email address and credit card to check the billing system. To prevent fraud, the actual sale of goods in such test transaction was not carried out.

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And since digital currency in the framework of the test program is not supposed to, then no protective mechanisms like physical goods, it was not. Thus, when buying foreign currency CSV the system generates an authentic certificate for the replenishment of the digital wallet, account bound.

Vladimir Kvashhuk have used this loophole for personal illegal enrichment. Abusing powers, the guy bought gift cards and then sold them at a discount. The money raised from trade in the gift cards, he bought a Tesla car cost 162 thousand dollars, and then the lake house cost $ 1.6 million.

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The fraud was discovered not immediately. At some point Microsoft has noticed a sharp increase in the use of gift cards and, after an internal investigation uncovered the scheme. Investigators traced the digital media, which were resold at two different sites with two accounts in the white list. FBI investigators came to the conclusion that kvashuk cheated Microsoft, despite attempts to conceal his identity by using fake accounts and hiding public transactions with bitcoins.

Prosecutors say that over the 7 months to the Bank account of Kwasuka received 2.8 million dollars. Total damage Vladimir Kvashhuk caused by their actions of Microsoft, is estimated at $ 10 million. At the moment the case is heard in court. To the charges the Ukrainian faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of 250 thousand dollars.

We will remind that earlier the homeless hacker for years enjoyed the free Internet on the pay phone. And last year, a schoolgirl had hacked the site and falsified the election results.

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