An Italian study shows that mosquitoes do not transmit the coronavirus

Une étude italienne prouve que les moustiques ne transmettent pas le coronavirus

A study made public Thursday by the national Institute of Health Italian shows that mosquitoes do not transmit the coronavirus, announced the Institute.

The world Health Organization (WHO) had already indicated that there was no evidence that the disease could be transmitted by these insects, which are likely to transmit malaria, dengue fever or other diseases when they bite humans.

But the latest study, carried out in collaboration with IZSVe, a research organization on animal health, has shown that the tiger mosquito or mosquito common to transmit not the COVID-19.

“The tests have shown that the virus is transmitted to mosquitoes by making them ingest infected blood, had not been able to duplicate,” said the Institute in a press release. It is thus impossible for the insects to transmit the virus through their bites.

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