An Omicron variant “to the power of 10”?

An Omicron variant & laquo; & rdquo; the power of 10 & raquo ;?

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The emergence of the Omicron variant has reduced COVID-19 to the status of a global crisis and according to D re Joanne Liu, the planet is exposes much worse if countries do not collaborate more.

In an interview with the show Le Bilan , the professor specializing in pandemic emergencies at McGill University pointed out the lack of solidarity between nations as the main responsible for the appearance of this new variant.

“To leave a virus that spreads freely, each time, is that it is given the chance to make a mutation that could escape the protection of the vaccines that we have developed so quickly and so heroically”, proclaims the Dr. Joanne Liu.

“It is important to make sure that we stop the spread of COVID-19 and the new variant, because otherwise we will have a new variant at the power of 10 of the one we have today, ”she adds.

Since last May, COVID-19 has caused 1.6 million deaths and caused more than 90 million cases. This acceleration in the number of infections and deaths is being felt mainly in less wealthy countries.

And according to Dr. Liu, the lack of doses in several parts of the world is the main cause of this situation.

“Just because things have slowed down here doesn't mean it's the same elsewhere. Everywhere else, especially in low-income countries, frontline workers are still not vaccinated, ”says the former international president of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

The latter believes that the tools to effectively fight COVID-19 exist, but need to be deployed globally. She mentions vaccination, but also screening, as well as isolation and close monitoring of infected people.

“Can we make sure that everyone will reach the end line of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a reasonable time and together?” Claims Dr. Joanne Liu.

Intellectual property & nbsp;

And one of the main things the richest countries can do is to allow the temporary lifting of vaccine patents, says Dr. Liu.

Such a gesture would allow countries in need of it to locally produce doses in order to more effectively curb the coronavirus and its variants.

Currently, countries like Canada are providing a third dose to a segment of its population, while in other parts of the world, 1% of people have received a first dose.

Dr. Joanne Liu says that without the global eradication of COVID-19, it will become endemic, which will mean that eight billion doses will have to be produced annually and that the current problem of access to vaccines will become cyclical.

“If we do not make certain regions autonomous for manufacturing, each year we will be faced with this moral heartbreak”, insists the professor specializing in pandemic emergencies.

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