An organization close to Trudeau accused of racism

Un organisme proche de Trudeau accusé de racisme

OTTAWA | A agency close to the prime minister Justin Trudeau, who has been given the mandate to manage a scholarship program federal $ 900 million, is the subject of allegations of racism and abuse of power on the part of more than 200 of its current and former employees.

Un organisme proche de Trudeau accusé de racisme

Justin Trudeau
Prime minister

Bullying, racism, harassment, threats… The list of allegations is long and heavy against the organization WE Charity, also known by its French name STATES, and under its old name Free The Children.

A former employee, Amanda Maitland, initiated in 2018, to give a series of lectures on racism, accuses the organization of having exploited and gagged ” as a black woman “. In a video posted on Instagram, she denounces the “culture of fear” that prevails within the organization.

Another ex-employee, based in Kenya, Santai Kimakeke, alleged to be the subject of threats and psychological torture on the part of senior executives of WE Charity, that it suspects a diversion of funds.

Shaken by the petition launched by its employees, WE Charity issued Thursday an apology on its web site. Questioned by The Journal, the organization shall defend ” firmly committed to the inclusion, diversity and fair treatment for all “.

Not tender

WE Charity is the charitable organization selected to manage the canadian stock Exchange for the volunteer student, a federal program that provides for a payment of 1000 to 5000 $ to the student volunteers.

The contract management of this scholarship program is part of a federal plan to cushion the economic impact of the pandemic on young people. It was awarded without tender. Defending this choice, Mr. Trudeau said that WE Charity is the ” only agency able to network, organize and deliver this program at the desired scale “.

But 50 current employees and 150 ex-employees have sent a letter of complaint to the board of directors of the organization, claiming in particular that it has turned its back on federal funds.

Close to Trudeau

Justin Trudeau, his wife and his mother are ardent supporters of WE Charity, who’s mission is to change the world by educating youth on the importance of social issues.

Active in Canada, England and the United States, but also in a handful of developing countries, WE Charity organizes WE Days, of mass events to reward and motivate the voluntary commitment of young people.

It is travelling to London to speak at one of these events that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has contracted the COVID-19, in march.

It is also during one of these events that Justin Trudeau has made one of its first outings on public importance after his election in 2015. Sixteen thousand young people gathered in the centre Canadian Tire Ottawa had chanted ” Trudeau, Trudeau, Trudeau “.

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