An organization requires the closure of McInnis

Un organisme exige la fermeture de McInnis

Environmental agency requires that the cement McInnis for Port-Daniel–Gascons, in Gaspésie, stops completely the time to fix flaws in its operations, which would be the source of a rain of sticky particles on a part of the municipality.

The Newspaper reported Sunday that this rain is made up of a component of cement, clinker, depending on the direction of Cement McInnis, who explains it by the occurrence of a material breach and computer failure. Residents have testified to having found these residues to be comparable to the ” sand paper “, resistant to washing with water and soap.

According to Pascal Bergeron of Green Environment More, Friday morning, citizens were still state of a hard coating on their self and their home, as you can see on this photo of a black vehicle that would have been taken to more than a kilometer of installations for Cement McInnis.

Of “episodes of dust” are actually occurring between 5 June and 24 July, was admitted to the cement plant. However, according to the spokesperson of the organization Green Environment More, Pascal Bergeron, the dust emissions would have occurred as recently as last Friday.

The current attitude of management is “irresponsible” in light of the alleged risks to the health of residents in the area, ” said Mr. Bergeron. “One of the things that you want, it is the operations stop the time that they remedy the situation,” urges he.


We should remember that it is The Newspaper which has informed the ministry of the Environment of the emission from anomalous clinker, rather than cement itself.

As for the residents, an “omerta” reigns in the population, and discourages the residents to be detrimental to the operations of what is, for many, a generous livelihood, said Mr. Bergeron.

According to the organization Green Environment More, the cement plant should be proactive in the dissemination of data on air quality.

“We have to run after the data. We play cat and mouse to have access to it, ” says Pascal Bergeron, who has had to go through the long waiting times of requests for access to information for get.

These incidents took place while the cement reaches its maximum capacity after three years of operation. The management of the factory claims, however, that it is a coincidence. The episodes of dust do not all have the same cause, said.

— With the collaboration of Charles Lecavalier

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