An outbreak of cases hard on the morale of Quebecers

A blaze of cases lasts on the morale of Quebecers

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Psychologists have sounded the alarm after noticing that the distress is deepening among Quebecers during this outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

If optimism was in order this fall and the end of the crisis was on the horizon, the Omicron variant has changed everything. And the imposition of new containment measures as well as the accumulation of bad news have also come to deteriorate the mental state of the population.

Some citizens, who have been holding on until now, are showing signs weakening, according to the president of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, Dr. Christine Grou.

“People who were well equipped to face adversity are starting to run out of steam. you couldn't see the first four waves, ”she explained.

And this distress is felt in private practices. At the Les Psy Trucs clinic in Shawinigan, psychologist Sara-Maude Joubert noted an increase in calls in recent weeks, the condition of several patients being affected more than ever.

“What we are doing sees is that there is a loss of hope. This idea of ​​a return to life as before is starting to be shaken, and it is a factor in maintaining the current difficulties among clients, “said the psychologist.

A finding shared by Dr. Christine Grou, who added that the extent of the problems increases with each wave.

“There is fatigue because the recovery time between the different waves is short. We see an accumulation of fatigue, anxiety, elements of depression for some. There is also an accumulation of tensions in social relations, ”she said.

No one is spared, according to the professor at the Department of Psychology at UQTR Carl Lacharité, who argued that families and children could feel the effects for a long time, while a breach in the development of young people is emerging. to create themselves.

“With the end of courses or distance learning, they do not have what they are entitled to receive in support of their development and learning. Parents can't make up for everything either. You can't hide your head in the sand, there will be long-term consequences, ”he said.

While attention is on overflowing hospitals, experts have sounded the alarm on mental health. A dramatic situation, according to Professor Lacharité “This is a national issue! It is not just hospitals that are included in public health. Mental health has to be too. ”

The President of the College of Psychologists goes even further and argued that significant change is needed. “It’s a question of society. It will take as much energy to take care of it as we put in to fix the health situation. The two go together. ”

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