An owner of the zoo fed up

Un propriétaire de zoo en a marre

While some zoos take advantage of their pane “museum” to open in the same way that art galleries, other sanctuaries, animals are impatient and Zoo Miller de Beauce announces its re-opening, on the 13th of June, even without the endorsement of the government.

As some restaurateurs are planning to reopen their terrace without the consent of the State, is that the owner of the Zoo Miller in the Beauce region intends to open its facilities without waiting for the ” OK ” of Quebec. “We don’t want to make our detestable, but it should be open,” says Clifford Miller.

Thus, the Beauceron has set the opening of the zoo on the 13 June, even if this type of trading has never been included in any plan of déconfinement. “We is able to keep the people outside to 98 %. It is as if we are going to walk in a park, argues Mr. Miller, déniaisez you. “

The owner said to have put everything in place to ensure health rules. “It was actually a “one-ways”, expanded our trails ” shows there.

Two weights, two measures

Mr. Miller has shown much more exceeded only three zoos in the province of Québec may open due to their status of ” museum science “. “The government has announced that the museum could open on the 29th of may,” explains Marie-Josée Bernard, director of the Bioparc de la Gaspésie, which will open on 22 June.

Same thing for the Zoo sauvage of Saint-Félicien, which announced yesterday its opening to June 20, because of its character of a museum. “We received the confirmation of the ministries “, says the DG, Lauriane Gagnon.

Heavy loss

Clifford Miller does not want its competitors to open, but hides evil his irritation. “There is no difference, it is a play on the words” loose-t-it. “It is governed by the same department of Wildlife. “

Funded mainly by the cost of the visitors ‘entrance, the Zoo, Miller based his business model on the revenues summer in order to” get through the winter “. It costs up to $ 800,000 per year to feed the approximately 200 animals in the zoo Frampton.

Already, the closure of schools has had a significant impact to the beginning of the year. “We lost the school groups in may and June,” says the owner.

“You have to be in the next announcement, it takes a date,” he concludes, hoping to be able to open on the 13th of June without a hitch.

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