An unexpected success for the initiative of Québec Issime

Un succès inattendu pour l’initiative de Québec Issime

The initiative of Québec Issime has been a huge success. The daily shows that have been posted online since march 17 have got two million views.

A total of 100 artists who are part of the great family of Quebec Issime were presented in direct of their residence, a total of 75 free concerts in the course of the last two months.

“I never would have thought that a small challenge on the corner of a table would generate such a movement of solidarity and to do good to all people”, has launched the artistic director, Peter Golden, in a press release issued Monday morning.

The initiative is complete, but it is always possible to view these services on the web platform of the Québec Issime.

Big names such as Marc Hervieux, Sylvie Tremblay, Monique Fauteux, Marc-André Fortin and several artists have participated in these shows home. There was pop, rock, folk, jazz and blues.

“It was a touch extraordinary with people. Comments live (over 3500 posts that I have loved and read them one by one, without exception), almost 70 000 views, but most importantly, all of a sudden, heat, human, virtual, of course, but true. There’s no need to say, the union makes the force. Congratulations to the team of Quebec Issime,” said Marc Hervieux.

The team of Quebec Issime is currently in brainstorming and ideation for the revival of its activities.

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