An unknown virus has caused the quarantine of the American ship

Неизвестный вирус стал причиной карантина американского корабля

The passengers were forbidden to go on shore leave.

On the us Navy ship Fort McHenry, an outbreak of viral infection like mumps epidemic. Now the ship quarantined in the sea. On the ship there are 25 crew members, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

It is important to note that the disease became known in December, and the manifestations of the epidemic was observed on 9 March. The Pentagon currently does not disclose details of the incident, and journalists do not have the opportunity to talk personally with the military. Know only one thing – the disease is not dangerous, crew members are either already healthy or halfway to full recovery.

The ship itself is in the Persian Gulf, he’ll be there a while. The staff of the ship was forbidden to leave the deck until the source of the infection is determined.

Soon, as reported by the officials of the Navy, the ship will be deployed to the activities of the military medical team. New information we find out very soon.


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