An unusual mascot of “Kyivpastrans” ridiculed in the network: photo

Artist Alexander Sins drew the alternative mascot – “transformer Bogdan”

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 12:29

Необычный талисман "Киевпастранса" высмеяли в сети: фото

The mascot of the “Kyivpastrans” has a competitor

Municipal enterprise “Kyivpastrans” has presented its new mascot – Kievmetrostroy. The Director General of the company Dmitry Levchenko wrote on his page in Facebook that is “a symbol of the irreversibility of changes in the field of Metropolitan public transport”.

Необычный талисман "Киевпастранса" высмеяли в сети: фото


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“Model “Kievmetrostroy” is a unique artistic, personal and communicative work”, – stated in the message.

Необычный талисман "Киевпастранса" высмеяли в сети: фото

The author of the idea and curator of “full-scale transformation project of the company” – Dmitry Levchenko.

“‘ve said that many times and today I stress again, if we live in the age of advanced technology where man is forced to compete with the robot, then the only reasonable approach I see no struggle, and partnership. We shake hands: human transformer”, – he said.

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By the way, the appearance of the mascot “Kyivpastrans” with the humor came the artist Alexander Sin which drew him the alternative – “transformer Bogdan”.

Earlier, we wrote that the club mascot “Cologne” goat Hennes retiring after 11 years he faithfully served the football club. The reason – health problems, which were discovered by veterinarians. In addition, the “Today” said, both in Tokyo, presented the Olympic robots-charms.

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