Anastasia Ivlieva first told about the wedding with rapper LJ

The star of the show “heads and Tails” revealed details of her marriage

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Анастасия Ивлеева впервые рассказала о свадьбе с рэпером Элджеем

Anastasia Ivlieva and LJ

At the end of August 2019 fans leading the program “heads and Tails” I suspected that Anastasia Ivlieva married her lover – Russian rapper LJ. Subscribers were able to see on the ring finger of the actress’s engagement ring. Anastasia for a long time did not give any review, just published in Instagram photo of a musician with a brief caption “husband”.

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Now the young artist decided that the time had come to reveal all the cards – during the program “Evening Urgant” Anastasia Ivlieva shared details of the wedding and said that the wedding ceremony took place in a narrow circle, without magnificent celebrations and festivals. Moreover, the actors decided not to spend the money on clothes and were married in everyday clothes.

Анастасия Ивлеева впервые рассказала о свадьбе с рэпером Элджеем

Nastya Ivleva

“There was neither big nor small wedding — it was all very modestly. Dresses I had. It was not a banal story with a million relatives and the whole dvizhuha wedding. In fact, no planning, everything happened very spontaneously, even in principle, she painted. Just went, got married, came home, went to bed,” admitted Ivlieva.

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Anastasia also said that the beloved has made an offer hands and hearts in her birthday, March 8. This was an unexpected surprise, because she had not yet arrived.

“He proposed on my birthday, I didn’t expect. I am a person who in the least thinking about marriage, I — “rabotau”, and for me it was unexpected,” said Nastya, and added that while they are my husband and children plan.

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