Anatoliy Anatolich “I’m better than they were 10 years ago”

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Анатолий Анатолич: "Сейчас я лучше, чем был 10 лет назад"

Leading Anatoliy Anatolich

Heavy artillery in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” – the team was joined by someone who knows about the morning show all. Now Anatoliy Anatolich will rouse the country with Lily rebryk. The presenter admits he is a big fan of the actress and his new partner. Although Anatoliy Anatolich only became part of the team’s favorite morning program was in his house always.

The family tradition of leading channel “Ukraine” – watch the video:

“My mother is constantly watching TV channel “Ukraine” and the wife watched “Ranok z with Ukraine” even when I was driving the other morning shows, – says Anatoliy Anatolich the TV channel “Ukraine”. What we are now beginning to do is a very interesting experience!”.

But most Anatoliy Anatolich loves wounds are not live. His best morning – with his wife Julia and daughters Alice and Lolita.

“The four of us going somewhere to have Breakfast and then go for a walk on the scooters or on bicycles – shared host. We travel a lot, because if you spend money, not to purchase real estate, and travel. And a year with children we are typically 10 times much then leave”.

Анатолий Анатолич: "Сейчас я лучше, чем был 10 лет назад"

Anatoliy Anatolich with children

Leading and day is not without sport, all the while working on himself. But what was before, not shy, says it’s better now than it was ten years ago, and so should be everyone. The gym, TRX, marathons – without them, Anatoliy Anatolich is not my life. The love of the sport and instills his daughters. But even when a man is unable to spend time with her daughters, they are always with him.

“On the one hand is the first tattoo, it is dedicated to Alice is the Cheshire cat with the inscription: “Alice is my miracle baby”. On the other hand, “Lola love”. Incidentally, this is Lola Bunny on the lo”, – said Anatoly Anatolich in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

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And “Mickey mouse”, “the Little Prince” – all like daughters, appears on the body leading “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

And the frankness with subscribers in Instagram he wants to add to the morning show.

“I really want to bring elements of this series or reality to the audience was interesting to observe the relations and life of the leading” – says the presenter.

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