André Kasper: learning to trust in comedy

André Kasper: apprendre à se faire confiance en comédie

MONTREAL – Like many other actors on television, André Kasper stands out for his dramatic roles, as we think about the young trans Justin/Jade – “Hubert and Fanny,” or to the orphan Siffleux of “up-Country”. However, the young 18 year old man also knows how to shine in comedy.

The proof of this is that he defended the character of Tarek Naser in not one, but two programs offered at one time at Télé-Québec: “family Councils” and “Clovis”.

“It really is a character, nono, is comical, which makes the small things all the time, explains André Kasper. It was really “fun” to play, and I immediately fell in love with him.”


The attraction to this role has been a natural, because he was made of challenges and discoveries.

“From the beginning, I thought this character was really “cool”. When I started “Advice from family”, I was more accustomed to play in a series adults. I was playing more dramatic, and it is a comic role. It allowed me to explore this whole new side of the business that I love.”

In plunging into this new world and wanting to cause bursts of laughter, he discovered that he has the qualities to be funny.

“One thing I really learned on the set of “family Councils”, it’s make me more confidence and humor […] And a little, also, to find my sense of humor. Sometimes I make myself laugh when I turn!”

André Kasper acknowledges that, although it may seem natural for many actors, it is not always easy to entertain the public.

“Play of the comedy can be really difficult, because there is a fine line between something that is funny, that is too much, and that is not enough. At the same time, this assistance definitely for someone who plays from the comedy, this are the texts. And I was lucky…”

As in life

Great friend, both in front of the camera on a daily basis, the Sam-Éloi Girard, who defends the role of Clovis in “family Councils” and “Clovis”, André Kasper has had many laughs with him on the board.

This beautiful chemistry that they had both started to develop on “The Argonauts” a few years earlier, was continued. The two boys are even given the replica during a hearing critical of the project “family Councils”.

The young actor must also share in his moments of madness to Yannick Savard, the director of the show “Clovis”, a series derived from “family Councils”.

“At the end of the scenes, it left me with time to do improvisation and say lines “stupid”. The creative freedom was very present, it was “cool”.”

The series “family Councils” was broadcast for five seasons on Télé-Québec, and was followed by a single season of “Clovis”, to the same antenna.

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