André Robitaille: doing useful work for teens with cancer

Andr & eacute; Robitaille: doing useful work for teens with cancer

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André Robitaille meets adolescents with cancer in the documentary Life in front of me , which shows their courage, their determination and their thirst for life as they take part in therapeutic expeditions.

Volunteer doctors and nurses take part in these outings in nature organized by the Fondation Sur la tiptoe.

André Robitaille, who has been involved in this project for the past three years, talks to the young people with a lot of humanity, delicacy and humor.

“I feel like I'm doing a useful job. My good times in the expeditions were keeping quiet and listening to the young people sharing in front of a campfire or in a canoe, ”he told the QMI Agency.

Receive a verdict of cancer is equivalent, for a teenager, to slow down his impetus towards adulthood. And the suffering of the soul, which is added to the physical pains, is mostly related to isolation and loneliness in illness.

André Robitaille listens to the participants and surrenders to his emotions. He even makes them talk about death. “Young people told me that it did them good to have these questions, because we don't know what to say, what to do, in front of someone who has cancer, even less in front of a 15-year-old young person,” he said. he related.

“Beyond cancer, life goes on with this damn disease,” he continued. That's kind of the goal of therapeutic expeditions: to show that life is still present, that your body is still capable, even if your muscles are failing and things are not going so well between your two ears. You have to row in every sense of the word during the expeditions. ”

Reconnect With Yourself

He believes that teens reconnect with them- themselves and with each other, and may this sharing in nature and the great outdoors do them the greatest good.

“I think of Vincent, who didn't want to be there at the start. He finally tripped and we must thank his nurse who told him that it would do him good. The healing of the soul, the clinic has a hard time doing that, ”said André Robitaille.

It must be said that during the rabaska expeditions in the white fish basin or in rafting on the river Magpie, some young people were very sick and even had to undergo injections under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

The documentary directed by Simon C. Vaillancourt and produced by Productions Nova Média is dedicated to Arielle , a participant who unfortunately died during the project.

The documentary La vie devant moi will be broadcast as part of Doc Humanité, this Saturday, at 10:30 p.m., on ICI Télé.

A great meeting with Jean-Pierre Ferland

André Robitaille, who just celebrated the 300 th Children of TV show with her accomplice Édith Cochrane, will offer a big interview with Jean-Pierre Ferland on ICI Télé on December 13. This meeting follows on from those made with the late Janine Sutto and Dominique Michel.

“Jean-Pierre was generous and I salute his openness. He has a good life, but it's not a career interview, it's more philosophical. I'm going to his place on Friday to show him the documentary and I can't wait to see it again, ”said the host.

“ We had a 'date', Jean-Pierre and me, because he was confident. We've been accomplices for several years, I went a long way, I pushed the patent. It's more of an interview than an interview. ”

The show Je suis un Ferland will be broadcast on Monday, December 13, at 9 p.m., on ICI Télé.


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