Andre tan admitted why mom put it in the corner of buckwheat

Designer to make a dress doll for the younger sister, cut an old dress of mother

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In an exclusive column about the role of the mother in the lives of famous men program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” by popular Ukrainian designer Andre tan, who created a capsule collection with Olya Polyakova, told how the mother influenced his future and what could be a fashion designer if not for the support of the native people.

His clothes I love Ukrainian stars, and applaud the new collections in the fashion capital – Paris. “The wound W with Ukraine” Andre tan spoke about how it all began. And as his passion for design has treated native.

Андре Тан признался, почему мама ставила его в угол на гречку

Designer Andre Tan

“Mom says I started drawing at the age of six and nine have clearly decided that I was a designer – said Andre tan. – And immediately began to make the dream a reality. In order to make a dress for the doll little sister, I cut my mom’s old dress, because it was beautiful snowflakes”.

Mother Andre tan Victoria Tishchenko from such actions of the son were not happy. And although the future designer had half the night to stand in the corner on the buckwheat, the woman is his son’s passion for fashion was very flattered, because she always was the first fashionista: “I liked to dress like everyone – I had such a thing, which there was none. I hope Andrew in terms of taste took something from me.”

Also, Victoria Nikolaevna admits – today Andre tan sometimes consults with her which way to go on a social event. But in my childhood was not like this – he went and joined the circle of cutting and sewing. And if the mother supported such steps son, the father was opposed.

Watch a video interview with Andre tan about his childhood:

“He didn’t like that the guy in women’s case. He wanted me to be a carrier of fish and sold it on the market. That, in fact, I did when I was a teenager – the evening was drawing couture dresses, and in the morning was a merchant in the market,” – says Andre tan.

But Victoria Nikolaevna has always defended his son’s talent before her husband. And support for little Andrew was ready for her though feather of the Firebird to get. So, for example, in one of posuwanie earned UAH 14-15, just in time for the coveted game Manager, Yes, and chocolate enough.

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“Remember, mom comes home all upset, crying, says, “God, delivered to the gallery incredibly beautiful lace tights”. I gave her the money so she bought these tights, and she was the happiest mother in the world. However, I was left without a game, “Manager”, but then I met new friends in the yard, they also had this game, and I played with them,” said the designer.

Andre’s mother was very happy when I was studying fashion design. At the age of 16 he was recognized as best designer of Kharkiv and showed on television. However, when tan made mother the first skirt, she also wanted to cry, but not from joy. Despite the complexity of the work, Victoria Nikolaevna did not like the length of the product, and Andre tan was very upset about this, but not offended. After a few years, Andre tan in the capital presented their first collection, which was a huge success.

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