Andreanne A. Malette will sing with Harmonie Montcalm

Singer-songwriter Andréanne A. Malette will participate in the end-of-year show of Harmonie Montcalm in Sherbrooke. The training brings together the 67 young wind and percussion instrumentalists from Secondary 3, 4 and 5 attending Mitchell-Montcalm School.
The establishment, which associates each year with a famous artist, turned this time to the former Star Académie participant. Excited by the concept, Andréanne immediately agreed to perform with these young enthusiasts.

“I have always dreamed of playing with a symphony orchestra. It’s a first step! It will be really exciting! ”

Andréanne also understands the importance of following the call of music, she who started the piano at 6 and the guitar at 15.

The artist has given carte blanche to the students among the two albums she has to her credit, Bohèmes and Andréanne A. Malette. “They have prepared something and I am the one who grafts me to them! ”

She will arrive in Sherbrooke Friday to repeat the dozen tracks that young musicians have learned.

“It’s a moment frozen in time. It will be 1000 times better than on the album! There should be something truly unique, “she says, inviting people to come to the party. She adds that she is also eager to see how her music has been adapted.

A concert “inflamed”

Her songs are already popular with young people, she says from messages she receives on social media. Music teachers frequently send him videos of their class performing Here and elsewhere. The words of this song, for example “Be proud of who you are, show them what you’re doing”, seem to touch a lot of teenagers.

“It was with my second album that I realized that people were listening to my songs. What I write is also what they say, “says Andréanne, who confirms that Take Time, which she launched the radio clip on Tuesday, will certainly be part of the evening.

Professor Christian Beaucher is behind the musical direction of the show. In his words, the public can expect a “fiery pop concert”. Works by Howard Shore, Brian Balmages and Robert W. Smith, as well as works by Eric Whitacre and Claude Debussy, will be played in the first part.

You want to go?

Andréanne A. Malette and Harmonie Montcalm
Friday, May 4, 7:30 pm
Bernard-Bonneau Hall
Admission: $ 20 (students $ 10)

Tickets on sale at the entrance

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