Andrey Danilko — why Serduchka did not go into politics, and his wedding

The actor admitted, what was your reaction to the victory in the presidential election Zelensky

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Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе

Andrey Danilko

Popular artist and judge of the “X-factor” Andriy Danylko in exclusive interview “Today” told why not jealous Zelensky, and why he gave the child Potap and Nastya.

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— This season of the show “X-factor” on the STB at the time of casting, the judges will change. How do you like these innovations?

— When people ask me who I would be more comfortable to sit on the jury, I fall into a stupor, because I don’t know what to say. The main thing for me is a band that when I know someone designated in this role. They couldn’t all be clowns. The audience for this ensemble will bother to see the third issue. Therefore, even if the main parties don’t think about it, for myself in any case to determine role. For example, in this project — bored and a little tired man. In General, if to speak about the current participants, they are humble too. My generation compared to this was very notorious. To alleviate the tightness, had to work, and now — on the contrary: all come with full confidence that they are the star. I even came up with the term asexual to refer to such characters, namely “Alla”. And such a lot of participants.

— On your website the last couple of years says that Verka Serduchka is on vacation. When this inscription will disappear?

— When I have the desire to get away from these holidays (laughs). Performance at Eurovision this year was no exception. And so we are really now very rarely appear. Serduchka is on sabbatical. To get her back, I need this all to get bored. Many I now can not understand, but I can’t go on stage empty, tired, uninteresting in the first place for himself. To have fun, I have to feel fit. Well, finally, we need to create something that really want to share. The truth is, I already collected a lot of material that I want to share, but I still don’t fully understand the form in which it can submit everything to the viewer.

Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе

Andriy Danylko: “Serdyuchka is on sabbatical”

— Weekend Verka Serduchka became the headliner at the Grand concert at the NSC “Olympic”, even though she could compile such a site. Why do you still it is not solved?

— Understand, I am such categories do not think. Of course, in our and other post-Soviet countries are very few performers who can afford to retire from touring and did not speak. You need to have the financial base to put his career on pause. I have never had the desire to turn your life in a constant tour. I wanted to be able to “walk”, “lie” and “posozdavat”. In this regard, I like the Western format artist: they release a record, go on tour, and then in six months take a break. To be a normal person, enjoy time with family. Let’s just say, while I’m not ready for a big tour and to collect their own stadium. That will be tomorrow, time will tell.

— You’re a longtime fan of Freddie mercury, so I have to ask: did you like the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

— I could barely finish. But my opinion does not need to be considered. I just know a lot about Freddie and the band, and the creators hoped for a different audience. In this movie still on the tops. The film was created for the younger generation to cause them to have interest in music Queen. In this respect, they did everything right.

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— By the way, how’s your car that once belonged to Freddie? It is well worth it in the indoor Parking lot in London?

— Alas, Yes. By the way, she had also to participate in this film, but the negotiations so anything and has not ended. The truth is, this car I even close did not see. And specially to fly there to view, no special desire. Now I decide that with it to do. After paying a lot of money for its maintenance in the Parking lot as it is not very interesting. Originally, when I bought it, thought to donate it to the Museum Freddie or group, that is, the machine remained at home. And to transport it to Ukraine, and especially ride through the city, I was definitely not going.

— About biopic. I know that you repeatedly offered to film the story Serduchka, why don’t you agree?

— At the moment I have not received any scenario that would have me hooked. And then, as I see a picture like this, others do not see. But I was wondering if someone wrote a good script. Even offered a cartoon type Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, only instead Verka Serduchka and her mother. But also something did not grow together.

Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе

Danilko: the First reaction to the victory Zelensky was joyful

— Before Vladimir Zelensky became President, you said that you don’t really see him in this role. What was your first reaction to his victory?

— First reaction to his victory was joyful. I was happy for him in that moment, when he announced the results. Feel it was like we won the finals of the KVN. But then I realized how it will change his life. Whether he is ready mentally for this?

Whatever is said, but artists are always hard to take criticism. Externally, they can be strong and say that you don’t pay attention to it, but the musicians are very fine organization and sometimes painful. Especially unfair comments. What is now endlessly pouring in — just a gesture. Therefore, humanly I wish Volodya strength and success. And, of course, but this beautiful story is similar to Hollywood, I really like it. How an ordinary boy from Krivoy Rog, unexpectedly became the President of the country. But how he will be able to change the whole system, time will tell. I think it is very difficult. So in this regard I do not envy him.

— You congratulated on the new status?

No, we don’t see, personally, I was not greeted. Sure: every day he gets thousands of messages, he has a completely different life and rhythm.

— By the way, at the time, Verka Serduchka was also going to the Parliament…

— Anya, it was back in 2007, right after Eurovision. It was funny, which for some reason led. We needed to come up with some development to the character. Not in the same space to fly?! But I just jumped. Now I see that many artists that achieve great popularity, you start to feel Messiahs. Like, if they managed to get the stadium, so they will be able to lead people for another reason. But this is a misconception. I’m for everyone minding their own business.

Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе

Andriy Danylko: “I’m for everyone minding their own business”

— This year you called for some party?

— We are called before the presidential election. I met, listened to what I offer. But the truth is, going to these meetings, I knew that he would refuse any offers of a political nature. I was just interested in it for the experience. But, of course, to call these people and parties, I will not, this is incorrect.

— Verka Serduchka — the most welcome guest at weddings. And you fantasized about this? Imagine a private ceremony?

— I can not imagine being in a suit and with the hair. I never fit in standard conditions. If the wedding will be, just with some irony and jokes. I prefer, if I were in your pajamas or robe, and on his feet white hotel Slippers. I guess I’d throw a party in the Soviet style, on the tables would be canned and green onions. As a guest at a wedding I attended once, it was Inna. It is clear that for every girl it is a very emotional thing, but I always want to laugh. Especially when I listen to the host with bad jokes and silly contests.

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— You played at the wedding Potap and Nastya. Doesn’t hurt that your colleagues this evening have fun while you worked?

— You still don’t know me. I can not stand at the table more than three people. I’m getting hard. It was the desire Nastya, so we made them at the wedding. And we made such a gift.

— And what you gave them, if not a secret?

— Listen, well, what can you give people who have everything? Now, if I were a stork, I would have given them have a baby already. They really love each other, they are really good together, not boring. It’s such happiness when you and work together, and relax, and still be able to create something.

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Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе

Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе

Андрей Данилко — о том, почему Сердючка не пошла в политику, и о своей свадьбе


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