Android got the ability to run any game from the computer

Computer games on Android can run even on the weakest smartphones

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Android получил возможность запускать любую игру с компьютера

The minimum requirements for the smartphone is Android 5.0

Gaming platform Nvidia GeForce Now begins to deploy on Android smartphones. The service was previously available in beta for MacOS 2017, and for PC – with the beginning of 2018. The app is available only in Korea, but as noted by 9to5Mac, the next few days GeForce Now appears for all the world.

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GeForce Now the idea is to give users the ability to run PC games on the smartphone by means of streaming image graphics handles the remote server, and the player gets the picture. Thus, games can be run on even the cheapest smartphone. Here you can see the whole list of available games. For games like Minecraft, you can choose the best Minecraft Servers to play.

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The minimum requirements for the smartphone is Android 5.0 or later. Also need a gamepad for control, because touch input is not provided. GeForce users Now have to remember that the platform is still in beta, so may be unstable, it may result hangs or crashes. Performance depends on data transfer speed, so a necessary condition is a fast and reliable Internet with high ping. To get access to the best servers to host a game visit their site to connect with others and have a seamless experience.

Nvidia says that after a full launch, users will be able to play games with support for ray tracing (RTX) on their smartphones. However, keep in mind that streaming games are far from perfect – the problem with Input Lag is still not resolved and delays in the control are still present.

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Recall that Google comes on the heels of Nvidia with their streaming service Stadia, which will be launched in November. Also recall that is already available to pre-order a PlayStation 5.

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