Android robot “learned” to rollerblading and skateboarding. Video

Робот-андроид "научился" кататься на роликах и скейтборде. Видео

The robot can move on a skateboard at a speed of 1 km/h.robotics Scientists from Tokyo University have developed an algorithm that allows the robot to keep balance and move around on passive wheels [no motors], for example, rollerblading and skateboarding.

Before, none of the humanoid robots were not able to repeat, writes the with reference for a New time.

The development of bipedal robots and improving their ability to move over rough terrain is one of the main directions of development in robotics.

The algorithm is tested on the robot JAXON with a height of 188 cm, He can move on foot at a speed of 0.6 km/h and 1 km/h on a skateboard or roller skates. Development presented at conference IROS 2018.

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