Angela looks back on her break up with Leo Walk : “With awareness, everything has changed”

Angèle revient sur sa rupture avec Léo Walk : "Avec la notoriété, tout a changé"

Angela looks back on her break up with Leo Walk : “With awareness, everything has changed”

While everything seems to be going to Angela since the beginning of his career two years ago, her relationship with Leo Walk unfortunately did not resist the notoriety. After being entrusted on his break-up with the dancer in his song Lost, the sister of Romeo Elvis returns to its separation in a recent interview.

After two years of relationship, Angela and her boyfriend Leo Walk separated in may 2019 if we are to believe South Info : “according To our sources, Angèle is again single. Relatives of the star we have confirmed the new, “announced the media in belgium. The interpreter will Balance your what is preferred confirmed his break in music : “I’ll have the usual, but these past few months, I flinch away from you, away from me. Without taking the measure of what was happening to me and it happened without seeing it coming. Fame requires it, I take good pleasure even if I lose my freedom“, she sings in her song Lost, extract from the re-release of his album “Brol”.

“It was beautiful to live it all two”

In a recent interview with the magazine les Inrockuptibles, Angela looks back on her breakup with Leo Walk and confirms that the notoriety has been due to their love : “I had the very unpleasant sensation of being hunted. It exceeds all that I had already understood and known, “says the sister of Romeo Elvis before saying that everything was different when she was not mega famous : “My privacy was not observed. It was me who was giving what I wanted. I do not regret that with Leo we have shown, it was beautiful to live it all two. But in six months, with awareness, everything has changed. My private life has taken a hit, and not only next to love.

Angela, who announced a pause in his career, has now fully intends to protect his loved ones “who do not want to be asked, and even less that they are stalking“, as his friends, his collaborators and his family.

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