Angela, Nekfeu, Aya Nakamura… The top 10 very urban and francophone of the biggest-selling albums

Angèle, Nekfeu, Aya Nakamura... Le top 10 très urbain et francophone des plus gros vendeurs d'albums

Angela, Nekfeu, Aya Nakamura… check out the top 10 biggest-selling albums in 2019

The year 2019 has yet been charged in new songs, new artists and new albums. Also, what artists have sold the most albums in 2019 ? That goes in the top 10 ? You have a small idea ? You can already tell you that there is Angèle, Nekfeu, or Aya Nakamura !

Angela dominates the game

While Do not come back of Gradur and Heuss bastard, Pookie by Aya Nakamura and Dance Monkey of Tones and I are part of the songs most listened to on the evening of the New Year, today we discover what the artists have sold the most albums in 2019. The first place is occupied by… Angèle with 532.100 copies sold of his debut album, “Brol”, carried by the tubes Balance your what, Murphy’s law, The thune, or Just forget about it in feat with Romeo Elvis.

The French rap is a success

We note that the rest of the ranking, unveiled by The Parisian collab with the SNEP, is not evil dominated by French rappers. For evidence, we find Nekfeu in second position, with the 449.600 sales of his album “The stars wandering”, NLP in the fourth place with their album “Two brothers” and 402.900 copies sold, Ninho in the fifth with 379.800 copies of “Destiny”, a Soprano in the sixth with 337.400 copies of “Phoenix” and at the ninth Lomepal with 263.500 sales for “Jeannine”.

The top 10 is completed by Johnny Hallyday, who died in December 2017, which occupies the third place with “Johnny” (433.700 sales), Lady Gaga in the seventh with the BO of the film “A Star is Born” (298.800 sales), Vitaa and Slimane in eighth position with “Versus” (273.200 sales) and Aya Nakamura closes off the walk with “Nakamura” (247.100 copies sold). The albums of French artists, therefore, have the coast !

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