Angela soon at the cinema : his first role alongside Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver

Angèle bientôt au cinéma : son premier rôle aux côtés de Marion Cotillard et Adam Driver

Angela in film : its first role alongside Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver

Like his brother, Romeo Elvis, Angela launches her also in the cinema ! Yes, belgian singer who just landed her first role in Annette, the new film by Leos Carax, which is a musical comedy in reality, and to the sides of two great actors : Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver.

Angela soon at the cinema !

After Nekfeu, Eminem, 50 Cent, JoeyStarr, Snoop Dogg, Sofiane (alias Fianso), Kaaris or Gringe, two other musical artists, will make their first steps in the cinema soon. Who are they ? Brothers and sisters, Romeo Elvis and Angela. If you already know that the interpreter of Ill will play with Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais, which form the Palmashow, in the new film by Quentin Dupieux, we learn today that his big sister has landed a role alongside Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver in the musical comedy Annette, in the project for years, directed by Leos Carax.

Angela has already tested the big screen by doubling the doll, Gabby, Gabby in Toy Story 4, but this time, she will in front of the camera. It is not yet known what role she will play. However, Annette is located in Hollywood and will be “centered on the daughter of a comedy and an opera singer” as reported by Allociné. The songs in the film, which should be published in 2020, will be composed by the pop-rock band Sparks.

“I am going to stop for a moment”

This new project will prevent the interpreter from Yes or no to get bored during his break after the end of his tour in February 2020. A fear that she had referred to in November 2019 : “I am going to stop for a moment. On one side, I am really looking forward to a break, but on the other, I’m afraid I don’t do anything for a certain period of time. May be that I’m bored of dying because I will have nothing to do.

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