Angela tinnitus sufferer : “I had a feeling of huge anxiety”

Angèle victime d'acouphènes : "J'ai eu un sentiment d'énorme angoisse"

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Angela confides on his tinnitus : “I had a feeling of huge anxiety”

“I hear, I feel, I’m leaving, I said to myself / him Again, that same noise, I can’t take it anymore, it kills me”. In his title “I hear”, Angela confides on the hearing problems that she has had since a little more than two years : the accouphènes. How are they born ? How is she since ? The little sister of Romeo Elvis confided.

Each of the songs Angela has a very special meaning. After having denounced the sexism in all its forms to Balance your what, after having traced her life since she is famous in a Blur, the singer talks about his hearing problems in I hear. “It is a song which is a bit unfortunate, that speaks a lot of frustration and angst”, says the little sister of Romeo Elvis in an interview with Gross.

Angela suffers from tinnitus since 2 years

She suffers from tinnitus for a little over two years, after an accident on a tv set : “In the stress, I don’t know what happened, it was a direct and, in fact, there has been a problem with the microphone, which had no batteries, I put a lot more strong in my case, thinking that this was a sound problem, I received a juice in the ears”. She soon realized that something was not right : “The same evening, I had the wonderful idea of working with a new sound to the headset for not to disturb the neighbours. And when I stopped the music, I could still hear the sound in my ears. I remember being lifted, to have a little staggered into the apartment, imagining that it was the end of the world, and it has not calmed down since.”.

“I remember having a feeling of huge anxiety because I knew that it is incurable, and I knew that there’s nothing we can do. The ear it really is hyper fragile. When it is damaged, it is forever“, she says. If his brother Romeo Elvis suffers from the same problem, Angèle has been a long time before you talk to him about that : “I didn’t want to admit that there was a problem and as my ears, it really is my job, I was too afraid, in fact it is a real problem”. It is only after having gone to see an ENT specialist and a specialist that it began to be accepted the problem : “From the moment that I said to myself : “This is the sound that I hear, I’ll hear it all my life and it’s going to accompany me”, I said to myself that it had to happen. I was able to accept it”.

“I really had the feeling of having to mourn for the silence”

Write the song I hear has allowed him to express his anguish : “I really had the feeling of having to mourn for the silence, because I do not hear the silence” but also to raise awareness : “It is important to know that if you hear its too loud for your ears for more than 30 minutes, it can hurt you for your whole life. We don’t hear much about, whereas frankly, the tinnitus, this is a trick that can drive you mad. I’ve been lucky, it is still really very light. My biggest fear is that it is worse”.

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