Angela will stop “for a moment” : “a Lot of things happened”

Angèle va s'arrêter "pour un moment" : "Beaucoup de choses se sont passées"

Angela will stop “for a moment” : “a Lot of things happened”

What happens at this time in the music industry ? After Bigflo & Oli or Lomepal, Angèle, which was a great success with his first album “Brol”, announces that it intends to make a break in his career. It was after his tour as a performer to Balance your what will a break.

In two years, everything went very quickly for Angela. It all started for her with the single Murphy’s law and belgian singer then continued his success with the pieces I want your eyes, The money , and Jealousy , and with the release of his first album “Brol”, October 5, 2018. A debut album that contains all of these titles, but also the phenomenon Balance your what, Blur and of course the tube forget Everything in the feat with his brother Roméo Elvis, and who has inherited a re-edition with 7 previously unreleased songs. All smiles at Angela, then !

“The last two years have been difficult”

The next step, a second opus ? Yes, but not right away since the artist wants to “take her time” as she explains in an interview with 7 on 7. Speaking of taking time, Angela announces that she will make a break in his career after his tour, which ends in February 2020 : “The last two years have been difficult. A lot of things have happened and I want to go to the front. Perhaps it would be wise that I take a break, including on the social networks, but I don’t think I will get there.

The interpreter Blur then asked : “I am going to stop for a moment. On one side, I am really looking forward to a break, but on the other, I’m afraid I don’t do anything for a certain period of time. May be that I’m bored of dying because I will have nothing to do.” Decidedly, between Angela, the two brothers Bigflo & Oli and Lomepal, which no longer has anything interesting to say, it is a lot.

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