Angèle away from pubs cults in the music video “Yes or no”

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Angela plays pubs cults by diverting them with humor in the music video “Yes or No”

Still funny, Angela has unveiled the music video for Yes or No who wants to be once more shifted. A song with the lyrics full of humour but also a video mode nostalgia with pubs cults revisited and revisited. A perfect return for the re-release of his album Brol.

A clip delirious

Cereals, sofa, cat food, laundry soap, luxury perfume… Angela is the pub in her new video Yes or no. So beware these are not product placements. No, the star of the song who refuses to be a coach in The Voice because “it must be tiring” has replayed pubs cults of the television for mocking the consumer society. A parody great in which the sister of Romeo Elvis does not hesitate to display with the mustache and ridicule the ads.

The lyrics of the song, they speak of love. Or, rather, heart problems. In the chorus, She asks : “is It yes or is it no / Yesterday, you I wanted to / It is yes or it is no / Tomorrow you me f ras walk / It is yes or it is no / I’m going to have to forget you”. One way to show that the society of consumption is also done with people and not only the products we buy.

A reprint of Brol

While the singer had confessed to wanting to stop “for a moment” to take a break, Angela returned with a clip crazy and a title, ideal for radio. The interpreter can Balance your what seems to have found his new tube. It is good, as it announced the re-release of his album Brol. You can listen to a version orchestral of Thy queen, the sound Lost which recalls his break up with his former boyfriend, or even That of love, a feat. with the queer artist Kiddy Smile.

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