Angèle Dubeau will float on the water

Angèle Dubeau flottera sur les eaux

Like sirens from the depths, Angèle Dubeau and the musicians of his ensemble, La Pietà, will vibrate the strings of their instruments on the two lakes of the Laurentians.

The Ladies of the lake will occur, Saturday, on a floating stage built on the lake Tremblant, and on the 1st of August on lake Mercier. The public will attend these concerts, which were presented to 17 h, at the edge of canoes, kayaks, on surf boards paddling and other types of boats.

Angèle Dubeau admit that this idea is a little crazy has started to take shape in march, when everything stopped. It was in the search for solutions.

“I look forward to. It’s going to be magical, enchanting and unique, ” she started in a telephone interview.

Angèle Dubeau and the eleven musicians of The Pietà, will be performing tunes of Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds and Quebec’s Jean-Michel Blais. They will also pay tribute to Ennio Morricone.

Over the weeks, when the project began to take shape, the musician has found that the challenges to a concert on the water were great. And not only because of the measures of distance on and around the stage.

“I play standing up and the stability is different. It vogue a little bit. I wondered how this was to play on my balance. We visited the floating dock, done tests, and they found solutions. It’s so much trouble “, she recounted in vivid of laughter.

A first

The musicians will have to make two trips on a pontoon to access the stage, which will be 100 m from the shore. An underwater cable will bring the power on stage to amplify the concert.

Only the public aboard watercraft will be able to attend these concerts free of charge. It will be impossible to live this experience from the shores of the two bodies of water.

Is it that this experience might give rise to other concerts on other lakes in Quebec ?

“Let me live this experience and we’ll see then “, she informed, noting that this kind of concert on the water was a first for her.

A broadcast of the best moments of these two benefits will be available online on August 8, on the website

Tickets are available in limited quantity on The concerts will be handed over to the next day if mother Nature refuses to cooperate. A decision will be taken at 14 h.

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