Angèle: “It was violent”, the singer returns to the hatred received after the Roméo Elvis affair

Angèle: “It was so violent”, the singer returns to the hatred against her after the Romeo Elvis affair In 2020, while Romeo Elvis was accused of sexual assault against a young woman, it is Angèle who was attacked by Internet users. In question ? The haters criticized the interpreter of “Brussels, I love you” and “Balance your what” the behavior of her brother even though she fights daily for feminism. A situation that was difficult for the star, as she confides in a documentary on Netflix.

In 2020, Romeo Elvis found himself at the heart of a sexual assault charge on his part against a young woman. Facts quickly recognized by the rapper who had then explained and apologized for his behavior at the time, and which had not remained without consequences on the side of Angela, his sister.

Angèle, collateral victim of the accusations against Romeo Elvis

While the interpreter of Balance your what was already distinguished for its feminist commitment and its fight against inequalities and patriarchy, many Internet users had indeed taken advantage of this situation to have fun criticizing it by associating it in spite of itself with the actions of Romeo Elvis in order to discredit his messages and its actions.

An unexpected relentlessness, which was logically not easy for the singer. On the occasion of a documentary retracing the beginnings of her career, now available on Netflix, Angèle explains on the contrary that she suffered from the wickedness and ignorance of certain people, “ It was so violent and distressing to realize how some people were jubilant to be able to corner me. Me, the feminist who had opened her mouth.

” I hardly got out from my home for three months “

She then specifies that this situation was all the more incomprehensible and difficult to bear because we were trying to give her a role that was not his, “As if I was responsible. As if I had to pay too “, even as she tried to digest the revelations about her brother at the same time,” As if it wasn't hard enough to learn this story by same time as everyone, and to see my brother whom I love so much in this situation. On Twitter, people were asking me to react immediately, otherwise the fight I had always led would lose all credibility “.

Also, not surprisingly, such harassment coupled with the actions of his brother had negative effects on his sanity and his bubble of comfort. After confessing, “ I hardly left my house for three months “, she reveals that “ this story was an explosion in [her] heart and in [her] family “. Because yes, she makes it clear: “ Like anyone else, I condemn my brother's act. And that's obvious “. The message has passed!

Despite everything, Angèle – who recently unveiled her new title Bruxelles, je t'aime , wishes today to look to the future and retain only the positive. If she does not hide the fact that she is regularly worried about seeing the company stand still, “ Sometimes I have the impression that we will never progress “, she clings to the small changes that make her feel bad. well, “ And then I look around and realize that little by little people can grow. They can become aware of all this “.

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