Angelina Jolie insulted “bitch” by an actress : “Brad Pitt was better off with Jennifer Aniston”

Angelina Jolie insultée de "garce" par une actrice : "Brad Pitt allait mieux avec Jennifer Aniston"

Angelina Jolie insulted “bitch” by an actress : “Brad Pitt was better off with Jennifer Aniston”

If the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was saddened more than one, this is not the case of the american actress Caprice Bourret. The reason for this ? It is not really a fan of the ex-interpreter of Lara Croft. “Bitch”, “ugly”… the model is dropped on the star of Evil in a recent interview.

After three years of misunderstandings and disagreements, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are officially divorced. Bad news for some, good news for others. Caprice Bourret (famous actress in the United States), it must surely rejoice in this separation. The reason for this ? It does not really in his heart the director of 43 years.

“It was horrible”

Angelina Jolie has made him a very bad impression at a dinner party and she did not fail to do so in an interview with New Magazine : “It was a bitch. She has not said a word all evening. She was just sitting there, staring into the void. Honestly, it was horrible.” This has the merit of being clear !

By contrast, Caprice Bourret is not the same speech on Brad Pitt : “He was so nice ! Frankly, it would be much better with Jennifer Aniston.” And this is not the fans of the couple, the ex-star of Friends and the actor who will say the opposite.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reconciled ?

On the other hand, the dummy will be disappointed to learn that the ex of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, who will soon be the poster of Evil 2, would have reconciled after their divorce : “To the surprise of many of their close friends, the communication between the two of them has improved dramatically and they are both dedicated to raising their children together. Their children have a schedule of custody and this has made a huge difference for all the family (…) The children spend time with both of their parents and they are happy and delighted, “said a source to Entertainment Tonight.


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