Angelina Jolie is trampled in the dirt world the legend: friendship end

Анджелина Джоли втоптала в грязь мировую легенду: дружбе конец

Angelina Jolie

It became known that the famous American actress Angelina Jolie is once again caught in the scandal. After the divorce of Hollywood stars sided with brad pitt and dislike his ex-wife due to her rather complex character.

This time a grudge against Jolie harbored iconic singer Celine Dion, due to the failure of the actress to play in a biographical film girlfriend starring role. It is reported Radar Online.

Анджелина Джоли втоптала в грязь мировую легенду: дружбе конец

The fact is that Celine Dion is planning to shoot a musical autobiographical film. Star hoped that your best friend worked. But Angie refused this request, citing the very busy and tight schedule.

After that, Hollywood started a scandal, because the film was announced back in January of this year, and investors wanted to see in the lead role only Jolie. Now, after its failure, it is unclear whether it will start the shooting of the film.

“Their friendship will not survive this, and the refusal of the Actresses on the level of Angie could be the end for the entire project,” said a source close to the singer.

Анджелина Джоли втоптала в грязь мировую легенду: дружбе конец

Recall that the soul of the main Hollywood hunk brad pitt is not sick because of Angelina Jolie. He publicly stated that nothing should ex-wife and ready for a new relationship. Now with Jolie it is associated only those obligations which were stipulated in the documents of the property and the upbringing of children.

As reported by the portal Znaia, the former wife of Hollywood hunk brad pitt, angelina jolie, will have to undergo long-term treatment. Her health condition has deteriorated after a painful divorce and constant nervous breakdowns. The actress developed bell’s palsy (muscles cease to obey and like numb).

The portal also Znayu wrote that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie serious health problems. The most beautiful woman in the world said that they are ready even to the most terrible outcome and even wrote a will according to which her wealth would go to the eldest son, Maddox.


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