Angelina Jolie showed his unusual house in the forest of Cambodia: video

The actress purchased the property 18 years ago

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Анджелина Джоли показала свой необычный дом в лесу Камбоджи: видео

Angelina Jolie

Actress and sex symbol of Hollywood Angelina Jolie, who recently cried because of the son, in the campaign showed its real estate in a very unusual place – a tropical forest of Cambodia.

As reported by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, 44-year-old star is a fan of unusual accommodation, it is not impressive homes in Metropolitan areas, Jolie likes to kind of be a hermit and enjoy the nature around. That is the place the actress found in the tropical forests of Cambodia.

Within the perfume Jolie showed on video his estate:

The producer of the clip became the winner of the award “Oscar” Emmanuel Lubezki. During the filming of Angelina Jolie gave an interview to a foreign publication, in which he told that he had purchased the property 18 years ago. Note that the ex-wife of brad pitt is also a goodwill Ambassador to the UN and opposed illegal logging in Cambodia.

“We are all family and work together very well. Cambodia has experienced so many difficult years, and is still trying to recover, but the people here are so beautiful and so strong. We wanted to be part of what will help the country to move forward,” – said Jolie.

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The house is designed in South East style, and almost all furniture is made of wood. In the living room on the wall is a large portrait of Asian woman, and near it stands a vintage player. Jolie herself says that is inspired by nature and loves to spend time in this house.

Recall that Angelina Jolie started to make steps towards reconciliation with brad pitt a few weeks later after the actor pushed her an ultimatum about their divorce.

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