Anger of farmers: Rural Coordination met once again with the prefect of Lozère

Anger of farmers: Rural Coordination met once again with the prefect of Lozère

Les tracteurs ont investi la place Urbain-V, à Mende. MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL PIEYRE

Les agriculteurs de la Coordination rurale ont été reçus par le préfet de Lozère jeudi 29 février 2024 pour un point d'étape après les annonces d'Emmanuel Macron lors de l'inauguration du Salon de l'agriculture le week-end dernier. 

An unmissable meeting place for the farmers of the Rural Coordination (CR), the roundabout at the southern entrance to Mende to, once again, demonstrate in the streets of the city before a delegation be received at the prefecture, this Thursday, February 29, 2024.  

For Maria Baret, president of CR 48, it is a milestone after the declarations of Emmanuel Macron during the inauguration of the Agricultural Show last weekend: "We are coming back to the prefect to find out the terms of implementation of the announcements made by the president of the Republic." Half-heartedly recognizing that the presidential announcements were going in the right direction: cash flow aid, blank year for the farms most in difficulty, floor prices. While awaiting practical implementation. The union leader returned to the assimilation of her center to the National Front: “I'm shocked but not surprised. We've been dragging this out for years. This is unfounded and ridiculous! This is the argument of those who have no other arguments."

Questions and some answers

Around 2 p.m., a few tractors stopped on the boulevards facing the cathedral, taking advantage of the opportunity to dump a bag of sheep's wool in front of the entrance of a bank branch. The delegation went to the prefecture and left two hours later.

Maria Baret and Alain Pouget reported to the farmers present, on the platform of a trailer, place Urbain-V : "Concerning identifying farms in difficulty, the State does not provide any money, strictly speaking. It requires an effort from banks and insurers. It is a closed envelope with criteria that sort those most in difficulty from those who are already in difficulty. We insisted on modifying these criteria more broadly. " "Someone who does not take a salary must be identified in difficulty"< /em>, raised a farmer present. Concerning the controls of the Egalim law, "this in no way solves the problem. This law does not allow fair remuneration for a farmer". Finally, the floor prices envisaged by Emmanuel Macron "are inapplicable at this stage."

A European vote on the restoration of nature

Sensitive grasslands were also mentioned, "a response in March to freeze the existing" ; the Pac payment, "fourteen pastoral groups did not receive the subsidy" ; the wolf, "cattle farms are recognized as non-protectable, shooting authorizations  will be obtained with compensation increased by 25%". 

The European vote of February 27, 2024 concerning the restoration of damaged ecosystems was mentioned,  20% by 2030: < em>"In terms of provocation, it's not bad. Priorities are Natura 2000  (37% of the area of ​​the Lozère department in 2018, Editor's note) and drained peatlands with agricultural activity."< /p>

At the end, the delegation met the Medef while the farmers went to visit the Lozerian MP Pierre Morel -To-The Bailiff, at his office.

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