Anger of tobacconists in Gard: “To fight against smoking, we must apply the same price everywhere”

Anger of tobacconists in Gard: “To fight against smoking, we must apply the same price everywhere”

Les buralistes en colère, avec le soutien du député RN Yoann Gillet, présents ce jeudi matin devant la préfecture. Y. B.

Au moins 80 buralistes gardois ont participé à une opération escargot ce jeudi 15 février matin entre Alès et Nîmes.

Nearly 80 tobacconists from Gard participated in a snail operation this Thursday, February 15, in the morning, between Alès and Nîmes, to protest against the continued rise in tobacco prices, the lack of harmonization with others border countries like Spain. The demonstrators also targeted Nîmes grocery stores which sell counterfeit tobacco or tobacco from foreign countries.

Thus, the tobacconists insisted, during their snail operation of the day, to circulate and honk their horns in front of the targeted businesses on rue de Beaucaire, but also on Général Perrier, boulevards Gambetta and Talabot. The convoy then stopped in front of the prefecture.

They risk killing us by increasing tobacco prices

At the end of the morning, a delegation from the Confederation of tobacconists of Gard, headed by its president Ghislaine Mazoyer, was received at the prefecture: "Our figures are decreasing. There have recently been checks in the night grocery stores in Alès and Nîmes, but what we are asking for for these businesses is a permanent closure. "

Ghislaine Mazoyer made a point, in front of the demonstrators, to recall the state of the minds of tobacconists: "They risk killing us by increasing tobacco prices so that, supposedly, we stop smoking! If we really want to fight against smoking, tobacco must be the same price everywhere. We are calling for price harmonization. In Gard, people go to buy cheaper tobacco in Spain and there are grocery stores that sell counterfeit cigarettes."

Lower attendance

During today's mobilization, there was also talk of increases of 1 € in January and 50 cents in February, a difference of 7 € between a pack of cigarettes from Spain and that sold in France. The delegation received at the prefecture asked for a moratorium on prices to stop these increases.

Tobacconists fear a drop in footfall in their businesses. They also regret that the Nîmes town hall cannot intervene in the opening of grocery stores which sell counterfeit tobacco and wonder about the identity of the landlords who allow this economy to develop.

Support from the Pyrénées-Orientales and MP Gillet

The tobacconists, who had already manifested two weeks ago in Boulou, received the support of their colleagues from the Pyrenees-Orientales. There was also the presence of the deputy in front of the prefecture. National gathering of Gard Yoann Gillet. Furthermore, a delegation of tobacconists will be received this Friday, October 16 by Senator LR du Gard Laurent Burgoa.

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