Angry after receiving a $10 tip from a group of 21 customers

Angry after getting a $10 tip from a a group of 21 customers


Influencer and restaurant employee Spotlight Shannel reacts with the post of a video of herself angry after receiving a $10 tip… from a group of 21 people. 

La Floridienne works part-time as a waitress in a restaurant. On her Instagram account, she also defines herself as an “influencer”.

In a video posted on TikTok, the lady shares with her 340,000 subscribers the mishap that happened to her during her most recent shift. work.

The reservation was originally for 13 people, but the waitress maintains that there were 21 in total.

This non-respect of the reservation angered the employee. However, since she was servicing a larger group, she was hoping to get a big tip.

She says that not all of the guests arrived at the same time, which caused a delay in taking orders.

“It was my first group of the evening, it was only 6:39 pm […] They didn't want to order until the other guests were present. It was long”, she summarizes.

“The group kept going to get the chairs from the other tables.”

At the end of the meal, the organizer asked for a single bill for the entire group.

She found that she had received a $10 tip on a bill of $350 after departure client. Remember that the waitress had to wait an hour before taking everyone's orders.

@spotlightshanell Replying to @user9334915292224 bro… im finna quit. And this man is a MINISTER!!!! #spotlightshanell #fyp #serverlife ♬ original sound – Spotlight Shanell 💕

“I'm about to scream, I'm going to scream […] I have no money”, hammers the waitress in a video that has gone viral filmed from the kitchen of the establishment.

Divided reactions

The post sparked an outcry on social media. Internet users in support of the influencer have castigated “the lack of respect” of these customers.

“Why do people think that they can abuse employees in this way? In addition, they arrived late”, wonders a user.

Other Internet users are of the opinion that tipping is not obligatory and that these customers have the right to give the amount of their choice.

“Do you understand that tipping is not mandatory? You better appreciate what you get”, retorts a user.