Angry Birds 2 : the pigs and birds are (almost) peace in the suite, DVD, Blu-Ray, VOD

Angry Birds 2 : the pigs and birds are (almost) peace in a trailer

Miracles do exist. On the evidence, the pigs and the birds will enjoy the movie Angry Birds 2 : Friends like pigs, to make peace. Or almost. As you can see in the trailer, a new threat will force them to collaborate. Angry Birds 2 is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD.

Video game event on mobiles and tablets, Angry Birds is getting ready to redo talk to him… to DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD. Indeed, three years after the release of a film that earned nearly $ 350 million at the global box office, a suite entitled “Friends like pigs” saw the light of day in dark rooms. It is now available for sale.

Angry Birds 2 is revealed

The program ? You can expect an adventure unexpectedly. While Red and his band will still and always their time to make war with the pigs, through a ridiculous (but funny), the two peoples will be finally forced to work together on the occasion of a disturbing mission. And for good reason, Zeta – a oiselle violet queen of a new island, will land with the ambition… to destroy them.

Unfortunately for the animals, better for us, as we can see in the trailer unveiled by Sony Animation Pictures, despite the importance of this race against the clock, this mission should not encourage the establishment of effective collaboration. On the contrary, if we look to the first images-delusional, it is a team of broken arms that will be mounted to counter the plans of Zeta and steal his weapons. Thus, between the egos oversized some, and the awkwardness of others, the result promises to be explosive and crazy !

Angry Birds 2 : Buddies like pigs in DVD, Blu-Ray, VOD as early as 19 February.

Karine Viard : session dubbing for Angry Birds 2 : Friends like pigs.

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