Angry birds horror and Berlin: what to see in the cinema this week-August 5-11

On wide screens there is a continuation of the cartoon about angry birds

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Злые птицы, страшилки и Берлин: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе 5-11 августа

Still from the film “Angry Birds movie 2”

In the Ukrainian movie theaters during the week 5-11 August 2019 you can see six new premieres. So, from August 8, 2019 in theaters you can watch the second part of the children’s cartoon “Angry Birds movie 2”, a crime Thriller with Melissa McCarthy in the title role, a few dramas and horror.

“Angry Birds movie 2”

In the story, a few years a war between birds and green pigs. This feud was supposed to last forever, but…in their life unexpectedly rapidly breaks Zeta living on the third, the frozen Isle. Zeta was tired of living in the permafrost, its purpose is to make the other two Islands also felt icy cold. Zeta begins to attack the inhabitants of thermophilic Islands. The birds and pigs are not left with no choice but to unite together to stop Zeta and to prevent freezing.

By the way, behind the scenes of the Ukrainian dubbing of the animation “Angry birds movie 2” see videos:

Backstage Ukrainian dubbing “Angry Birds movie 2”

The “Queen of crime/Kitchen”

In 1978, Kathy, Claire and ruby live in an interesting area called “Hell’s kitchen”, they typical new York housewife. The husbands of female Mafiosi serving sentences in prison and they have no choice but to take leadership of the Irish mafia itself.

Women begin to engage in racketeering, do not mind the possibility of physical elimination. Did the ladies hegemony will last forever?

“Berlin, I love you”

Berlin is a city of contrasts, interesting, exciting and outside the box thinking individuals. Berlin – the heart of Germany, there is every minute something interesting happens. The story is funny, romantic, dramatic, fantastic stories of ordinary people intertwine in Berlin. A close contact of fate: the elderly Lothario and a very beautiful young girl, teenager and a transvestite, a famous Director, a lover, hypochondriac.

“Scary stories to tell in the dark”

Author – Oscar-winning Director Guillermo del Toro. A horror movie filmed Andre Overdale based on “Scary stories” by Alvin Schwartz. The plot: a group of teenagers breaks into an old abandoned house, the guys investigate a series of creepy and mysterious deaths that occur in their small town. In the house they find a book with scary stories. Teens make a fatal mistake and take the book with you. Now scary stories from the book into reality. The worst thing is that by themselves in the book appear the names of children who face to face will have to face your fears.

See also:

Appeared the first details of a mysterious new film by Christopher Nolan Tenet

“The death and life of John F. Donovan”

The real story of star amerikanskogo actor John Donovan. One day he made a fatal for their future mistake – began to correspond with 11-year-old English actor living with his mother. The consequences of this were devastating for both actors and provoked a flurry of outrage from the public.

That tape will be removed, it was announced in 2014. Immediately the main role of approved Keith Harrington, later, Kathy Bates and Susan Sarandon. It was planned that the music will be written Adele. But Shami held only in 2017. Premiered at the International festival in Toronto in 2018.

“Life on repeat/Hurrying man”

Story – biography of the former head of the concern Peugeot Christian Staffa. He lived his life in a perpetual hurry, was mega-successful businessman. His life is a maelstrom of regular business meetings, he does not pay attention to “calls” from his body, he has no time to worry about your health. Once the body fails and the man has a stroke. Being in a hospital bed, the businessman realizes that he now can’t do it without support, because it is difficult for him to talk. Now Christian will have to ask for help to people he had not noticed or deliberately ignored. Need to build my life again.

Recall, Studio Universal Pictures has released a trailer for the war drama from the Director of “American Beauty” and the last two James bond movies Sam Mendes – “1917”.

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