Angry, Jean Airoldi sends a message to the government

Angry, Jean Airoldi sends a message to the government

Angry, Jean Airoldi had a message for the government, seeking a solution to a problem he has been facing for some time.

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On Wednesday, the host took to his Instagram page, where he posted a video detailing his recent woes.

From the outset, he says he is “a little damned”, and even if it is rather rare that he makes videos “to complain”, he may “blow his mark”.

In fact, the masks he created in August with Rosalie Taillefer-Simard for the hearing impaired and their relatives, are refused in schools, because they are not approved. However, he specifies that he tries somehow to have his masks certified, but that it is impossible.

“We’ve been trying to see the form for months, how can we get there … We have the number [du formulaire], but the form does not yet exist. There, we receive information that ultimately this file will be transferred to Health Canada … ”, explains Jean Airoldi. He adds that his masks are made here, and have helped raise $ 70,000 dollars for various organizations.

The designer took the time to salute the work of Prime Minister François Legault, not without asking him, if he is listening to the video, what he must do to have his mask certified.

At the end of the video, the businessman asks his followers to share the post in large numbers, so that “the right people will hear this message.”

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