Angry of the bad publicity

Fâchés de la mauvaise publicité

A few hours after being targeted by public Health as one of the four bars are problematic counting of many cases of COVID-19, the Nacho Libre has received confirmation that he was not a threat, deplore its owners.

“We had been told by public Health in a previous communication that there was no reason to appoint anyone, he had nobody to blame […] So obviously, we are disappointed,” says Benoit Galipeault, owner of the bar, Nacho libre.

Last Monday, the authorities have pointed the finger at a press conference four institutions where there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 since the reopening of the bars, including the Nacho Libre in Montreal.

However, after a few hours, the bar has received confirmation that its epidemic curve was ” very reassuring “, and that he was not a threat to the health of the population, confirms the public Health of the Centre-South-Island-of-Montreal .


Transparent ” from day one “, the two owners do not understand why they were appointed, they who have made a point of closing the shop, to inform their customers and do testing of all their employees as soon as they have discovered that one of them had been positive.

“We have done this out of good heart, by confessing publicly [via social networks] as of the first day. But what it gives us, it is to be pointed out as if it was us who had created the problem, so that they are simply customers contaminated which are passed to the bar “, adds his colleague, Pier Bourque.

For more than 10 days, there has been no positive case relating to the attendance of the bar, Nacho libre, suggesting that the outbreak will lead to more new cases, according to what they told the public Health.

Out of danger

“It is completely out of danger. […] The on-site team is 100% healthy, which was declared negative. It is a bit unfortunate, it makes us a bad press, ” says Mr. Bourque, who does not understand why his bar was named. They fear that this approach does not come to discourage the tenants to inform publicly about their clients in the event of an outbreak.

“And when they shall have of the case, it does not attempt to say it publicly, because they will say, “if I say it publicly, it’s going to affect my business”. It is a funny approach of [public Health].

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