Angry Taco Bell worker throws boiling water at female customers

Angry Taco Bell employee throws boiling water on customers


Two Taco Bell customers are suing one of the American fast food chain's branches in Dallas, after having boiling water sprayed on their bodies. 

According to local channel KWTX, a restaurant employee committed the act after a dispute over an incorrect bill.

In the lawsuit against the facility, the attorney claims both women suffered burns and trauma after the incident.

The individuals would have gone inside the Taco Bell to adjust the amount of a $30 order placed at the drive-thru.

The situation would then have become tense between the employees and customers.

The head of the franchise allegedly threw a bowl of boiling water at the customers.

The women left the dining room, since according to the lawyer, the employee was about to throw a second bowl of boiling water again, says KWTX.

They want $1 million to compensate them for this misadventure.