Angry that his daughter is being ignored by mascots, he sues for $25 million

Angry that his daughter is being ignored by mascots, he sues of $25 M


The family of a 5-year-old girl is suing the amusement park responsible for the “Sesame Palace” mascots, SeaWorld Parks. 

The child's father alleges that the mascots repeatedly willfully ignored the girl because of the color of her skin.

The child, named Kennedi, allegedly did not received the same treatment as the little girl at her side, who was able to enjoy a moment with the mascot “Telly”.

According to the New York Post, the event took place last month in an amusement center in Pennsylvania, and it was in the last days that the family contacted a law firm to launch a lawsuit for $ 25 million.

“Looking at my daughter's face after being ignored by the mascot made me cry. Every time I watch the video, I cry,” says the child's father, Quinton Burns.

The father claims that his daughter was snubbed by four mascots during a parade in a amusement park on June 18.

The family's attorney, Malcolm Tuff, says the multimillion-dollar lawsuit is needed to send a clear message to the company .

“Kennedi was ignored, while several white children were able to interact with the mascot and give him hugs,” he explains.

The sued company claims to be aware of the lawsuit, without giving further details.