Ani Lorak gave jazz on the Russian Heat: a man barely out of his pants jumped

Ани Лорак дала джазу на российской Жаре: Киркоров едва из штанов не выпрыгнул

Ani Lorak

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who now lives and actively building a career in Russia, and also goes to concerts in Russian cities, presenting their show “Diva”, has decided to once again warm up interest of public to the person. On his page in social network Instagram the actress posted a video which showed his visit to the ceremony of the awards “Heat”.

In the video, which appeared in the account of Ani Lorak, it is possible to see all of her stay at the event from getting out of the car before the final performances. So, a singer arrived to the ceremony in your favorite short jacket that already appeared earlier with a bag in his hands. Then you see the dressing room and disguised in a revealing black jumpsuit, the singer. Then she poses for the cameras on the red carpet and award, communicates with fans and all smiles in the spotlight.

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A post shared by Ani Lorak (@anilorak happy) on Apr 6, 2019 at 10:36am PDT

Also on this black and white mounted video shows the performance of Ani Lorak on the stage of the award “the Heat” in which she won the award for “Best of show”. The stage actress has already appeared in a completely different stage outfit. Lorac incendiary dances in short dress and hot wags his hips in front of thousands of audience. And at the end of the video, and probably her speech, the audience stood applauding. From the crowd stood out a friend and godfather Lorak, Philip Kirkorov, he almost jumped up, applauding her.

Fans do not have to wait long and began to actively discuss the new publication star. So, the most dedicated fans fall asleep lorac compliments in the comments, saying that she just blew up this award. But some said that the artist got older, and her attempt to keep youth only spoil her natural beauty.

Ани Лорак дала джазу на российской Жаре: Киркоров едва из штанов не выпрыгнул

Ani Lorak

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the singer was trying way MARUV. The star published in his Instagram a new photo, which appeared on the overview of the audience in a very spicy manner.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ani Lorak disappointed even Russian fans.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Ani Lorak was lost in the woods before the next Russian concert.


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