Ani Lorak released a song about “a woman, is able to forgive and go forward”

The actress also spoke about the composition itself

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Ани Лорак выпустила песню о "женщине, способной прощать и идти вперед"

Ani Lorak

Famous singer Ani Lorak predstavila new song and video “I waited”.

“I waited for you” is a new story from Ani Lorak. Very personal, very sincere. The track is about a strong woman, a woman who knows how to love, to open up different colors, let, thank, about a woman who is able to forgive and move forward. New signature song of the singer sounds in fashionable rhythm this spring. Each bit in the soul, every word in the heart. There’s no scenery, there’s bare the feelings that it is possible to transfer only music. Created in conjunction with the talented team at 90210, the track turned into a deeply emotional work from Ani Lorak.

“It’s been a little time since, when I last wrote the music. And today came the day when I once again hear a melody and write again, says Ani Lorak. – My music sounds with new colors, again life itself has influenced it. I give all of his fans — is an honest song “I waited for you”, in which every note from the heart”.

In this work, the singer will mark a new stage in his life, as if life was like before and after.

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