Ani Lorak was criticized for wig

Ани Лорак раскритиковали за парик

In his birthday the singer surprised the fans. In a new photo subscribers saw two defects.

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, actively developing their creativity in Russia, appeared in wig. The star has published on his page in Instagram.

In the picture Lorak sitting in the car in the back seat. She wrote that spends a lot of time in the car and frequently eats also on the road. In a new selfie star once again imprinted itself during this process.

But the attention of Internet users attracted to the hair of Ani Lorak. They saw that the star wig. Some fans wonder why in 40 years the singer had to wear a wig. Others criticized Carolina for negligence and emphasized that the hair piece she wore sloppy, and even put a greasy spot on the turtleneck.