Ani Lorak went to rest without a spouse

Ани Лорак уехала отдыхать без супруга

Ukrainian singer, who last years lives and goes on tour in Russia went on vacation with my daughter

On his page in Instagram the actress posted a touching picture with her daughter Sophia. Lorac also pointed out that the picture was taken in Jerusalem.

It is worth noting that after the controversial video, which depicted the husband of Ani Lorak in the arms of a brunette, the singer almost did not publish photos in the social network.

Recall that according to the father, agreed to divorce a couple is going.

“All of them with Murat’s okay, they’re together. I don’t understand why so exaggerate how disgusting is ruining the family!” – said the father of Ana Lorak edition StarHit.

At the same time, the media appeared information about the fact that this is not the first “vagrant” Murata. Wife Ani Lorak often seen in the company of Babes.

“Two devushek I personally knew. One romance with him was 7 years ago and once 4 years ago. One of them was a designer. Helped them with the decorating. So, the design was in bed. Not bypassed this Turkish Manager any skirt. Where is he and where is his wife? He is a nobody, an ordinary employee of the hotel, from rags to riches. She made him cool, and he all these years, its so “thanks,” he told the Explorer, a close friend of the family.

Publication that Ani Lorak (@anilorak happy) 6 August 2018 at 9:55 am PDT

But the Lorak did not comment on the adventures of the wife in every way and remained silent on the subject of personal life.

In an interview, Ani said that despite a busy tour schedule, she and her husband constantly call back.

“With Murat we are constantly in touch. In the morning, Good morning, night good night, during the day, 5-10 messages, calls. We’re not leaving each other even for a minute. And I think this is the secret of our family happiness. 12 years back, and still we have a sense of joy when we meet. Inner delight, what may not be said about the people who are constantly together. They rather want to enjoy each other. I believe that living with a public person is a special talent. Murat, no doubt, it has,” previously claimed Lorak.

But insiders say the opposite. According to them, the husband Lorak is not answering her calls and refused to even communicate with the child.

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