Ani Lorak with the famous Ukrainian taken aback by the sudden confession: “I’m leaving”

Ани Лорак с известным украинцем огорошили внезапным признанием: "Я ухожу"

today, 19:06

Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show the fans in a new Instagram photo. Celebrity has vistavila excerpt from fresh long-awaited song “I’m leaving”, performed a duet with Mike Marvin, which for so long intriguing the fans. So, artists who, by the way, both born in Chernivtsi announced a lyrical song about a touching love story.

“We give you an incredibly beautiful, soulful love song with @misha_marvin and team Let this true story will warm your heart.
#’m available on all digital platforms! ✨”, – shared the new lorac. Followers were delighted: “How beautiful❤”, “early morning, warms !💔🔥🙏 Thank You and your team! ❤ It’s amazing”, “very emotional, a real song! Thank you for your work! 🔥😊”, “A beautiful song 😍 the Lyrics in your performance is something 😭💔”, “Really waiting for your duet!! Incredibly beautiful😻🙏💕”, “Karolina, it is very beautiful.👏👏👏👏”.

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Ани Лорак с известным украинцем огорошили внезапным признанием: "Я ухожу"

Ани Лорак с известным украинцем огорошили внезапным признанием: "Я ухожу"

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Ani decided to show another selfie from the car. Detractors found in the picture not only traces of photoshop and plastics, but also noticed the signs of alcoholism.

The celebrity also dressed in a short black and white dress and quite bulky boots. The image of the singer complements the heavy evening makeup, however, many did not like it.

And the actress posed in only a terrycloth robe with a Cup of coffee, but the fans noticed traces of photoshop: big toe looks very unnatural.

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